Delivery & FAQs

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  • Assembly & installation
  • Quality assurance & materials
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Warranties & product care
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  • Where is CUBO furniture made?

    The CUBO collections are Australian designed by Matea Studio and manufactured to the highest standards by Form-Rite Co. in Padstow, NSW. Each piece of furniture is expertly made in the same factory where the stone is cut, with the specialist precision that Form-Rite Co. is known for.

    Our CUBO showroom is also located at the factory. To arrange a showroom appointment, please contact us.

    How long does it take to make a piece of CUBO furniture?

    As each CUBO piece is lovingly made-to-order, please allow 4-6 weeks production time from the date of your order, plus delivery time.  Special requests for custom orders may require longer lead times; please get in touch if there’s something extra special you have in mind.

  • How do I buy CUBO furniture?

    Your made-to-order CUBO furniture begins with an online order enquiry.  Our commitment to quality & custom design means that you will receive personal service and attention to detail throughout the ordering process.

    Once your enquiry is received, a consultant will contact you to discuss your design and ensure your order details are correct, then you will receive an invoice for payment before it goes into production. 

  • Am I limited to the material options online, or can I customise further?

    No, you are not limited by the options in our online Materials Library. These are the curated selections for our launch collection, however we are happy to work with you to customise further and create something truly unique.  Simply contact us to discuss your ideas.

  • Can I view CUBO pieces in a showroom?

    Yes, we welcome viewings at our CUBO showroom in Padstow. Please contact us if you would like to arrange an appointment.

  • What are the payment options?

    Once your design is confirmed by your consultant an invoice will be emailed for your order, with details to pay by credit card or bank transfer. If you have requested delivery, then this cost will be included on your invoice.

  • Where do you deliver?

    For our launch collection we are delivering within the Sydney metro area only.  You will be notified once your CUBO furniture is finished and ready for delivery, to confirm delivery day and address.

    Alternatively, you may arrange to pick up at our factory in Padstow, NSW.

  • How are the pieces assembled?

    CUBO pieces deserve expert handling, so where possible we recommend assembly and installation by our dedicated team on site at your home or commercial space. 

    Please note that the stone tops and bases are very heavy, and it is important the components are positioned correctly to avoid damage, so we will advise you on the best options if you require assembly outside of NSW.

  • Refined design, quality materials and expertise in construction is what sets CUBO apart.  Whether you are ordering a dining table or a console, you can rest assured that each made-to-order piece will stand the test of time due to our selection of durable components and finishes, underpinned by our quality check prior to delivery.

  • CUBO is as committed to environmental sustainability as we are to quality – you can read more about that here. 

  • How do I care for my new CUBO furniture?

    To clean any timber, poly cabinets or powder coated steel surfaces, simply dust then wipe down with a clean cloth using warm water and mild detergent. For ultimate care, you may wish to use our specialist products for your new CUBO furniture – please contact us to purchase. 

    Our stone surfaces can be cleaned the same way and are extremely durable, being resistant to stains and scratches, but please avoid knocks to the edges of your stone from other hard materials.


    Form-Rite Co. offers a 2 year Warranty on our CUBO furniture products, allowing you peace of mind on our craftsmanship.

    What is covered

    Your CUBO furniture is covered for 2 years from the date of purchase, to be free from defects in workmanship, materials and construction.  In the rare event that a defect is found, Form-Rite Co. will either repair or replace the defective piece, at its discretion.

    The Warranty is not transferable and is limited to covering the replacement or repair of a CUBO product that has a material or manufacturing defect. 

    It does not cover natural characteristics of the material used, ordinary wear and tear, or defects for products used outside of their intended use within a residence.

    What is not covered

    The CUBO Warranty does not cover defects that results from accidents, misuse or negligence.  It does not cover commercial use or any other use for which it was not designed, outside of ordinary usage within a residence.

    It does not cover the grain or texture of wood, colour matching or fading due to sunlight exposure. Products designed for indoor use are not covered for outdoor use.

    Furniture used to store above the recommended load limits will not be covered for repairs or replacements. Load limits on each drawer is 40kg.  Parts and their functionality are not covered for wear and tear.


    Cracks and chips in stone are not a material fault and not covered under Warranty.
    Stone that has not been cared for in accordance with the recommended care and maintenance guide will not be covered.
    Damage to stone or any other part of the furniture as a result of heat placed directly onto the product is not covered under Warranty. 

    How to Make a Claim

    If you believe you have found a valid defect covered by the Warranty outlined above, please contact us and we will promptly assess the product to determine the appropriate remedy for your claim.

  • _____________________________________________________________
    The below safety notice is included with delivery of CUBO storage units and should be noted for any brand of furniture to prevent tipping.

                                                                    ⚠ WARNING

    Whilst your CUBO furniture has been designed and manufactured in Australia using quality materials and expert craftsmanship, please note that ALL furniture can become unstable and tip if misused.

    ■  NEVER place units on uneven flooring or sloping floors.

    ■  NEVER allow children to climb or stand on units, or hang on drawers, doors, or shelves.

    ■  NEVER overload drawers or stone tops, or open more than one drawer at a time. 

    ■  Always load drawers evenly and place the heaviest items in the lowest drawers.

    Load limit for freestanding units: Max 20KG per drawer
    Load limit for fixed units: Max 40KG per drawer

    We strongly recommend that fixed units be anchored to walls by a qualified tradesperson.

    For further safety advice or assistance please contact Form-Rite Co on
    02 9792-6600.


    The below safety notice is included with delivery of  CUBO stone tables and should be noted for any brand of engineered stone products.

                                                                    ⚠ WARNING

    Whilst your CUBO furniture has been designed and manufactured in Australia using quality materials and expert craftsmanship, please note that even stone has limits and should be treated with care. 

    The following general precautions apply to ALL engineered stone products.

    ■  NEVER place stone tables on uneven flooring or sloping floors

    ■  Clean spills from the stone surface immediately to avoid stains

    ■  Do not place hard or sharp objects directly onto the stone or use it as a cutting surface. Note, scratches or chipping are not a product fault

    ■  Do not place heavy items on the stone top. Our tables are solidly built, but are engineered for normal use only (plates, serving dishes, etc)

    ■  Do not place hot objects directly onto the stone surface.
    We recommend using place mats & trivets for serving hot dishes

    ■  NEVER sit or stand on the stone surface or allow children to climb or hang on tables. Any table can be a tipping hazard if misused.

    With proper care, your stone top table can be enjoyed for many years to come.

    For more info on care or stone warranty, please refer to our website:

    For further safety advice or assistance please contact Form-Rite Co on 02 9792-6600.

  • Do you do discounts for trade or bulk orders?

    We specialise in luxury made-to-order pieces and our Warranty does not cover commercial use, however if you are interested in a large order of CUBO furniture, please contact us to discuss.